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The Department

Φυσιογνωμία Τμήματος

The Department of Nursing at the University of Thessaly, located in Gaiopolis, Larissa, is one of the nine homonymous Departments operating in Greece.

The Department aims to prepare nurses to provide high-quality nursing health care and protect individuals and populations from harmful health outcomes, considering everyone’s physical, mental, cognitive, spiritual, social, economic, and cultural differences.

Κεντρική Είσοδος Τμήματος

The nursing degree from the Departmetn of Nursing at the University of Thessaly provides graduates with a high level of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills necessary for the practice of Nursing Science.

The graduates are skilled professionals able to work effectively at all levels of health care (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Health Care),

  • Who can upgrade their professional development with the continuous enrichment and updating of theoretical knowledge and clinical skills and practices through the critical approach of daily clinical practice and the continuous learning process,

  • Who seek the development of Nursing Science at the optimal clinical, research, and educational levels.

Πολιτική ποιότητας
Quality assurance


  • The Department of Nursing is responsible for ensuring and continuously improving the quality of its educational and research work, as well as for the effective operation and performance of its services, following the practices of the University of Thessaly, the international guidelines of the European Higher Education Area and the principles and guidelines of Hellenic Authority for Higher Education.

  • The commitment to quality policy derives from the Department of Nursing and the University of Thessaly's objectives in recognizing the obligation to public accountability. The scope for a continuous leading role in the modern international educational, research, and social environment is continually strengthened. 

  • The quality policy is based on humanitarian principles and respect for citizens' rights following the established International Organizations, Human Rights, and the Citizen's Constitutional Rights.

  • The Department of Nursing operates based on the rules of ethics for research, teaching, spiritual rights, and academic behaviour of its members and the university community.

  • The Department considers unacceptable any discrimination related to race, colour, gender, age, nationality, ideology, personal life choices, religion, and any legal or social perception and practice and characterizes any form of violence as inadmissible.

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The Department of Nursing included in the School of Health Sciences

at the University of Thessaly

is located at the campus of the Gaiopolis in Larissa.

The Department of Nursing included in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Thessaly is located at the campus of the Gaiopolis in Larissa. The building premises are developed on two floors with a total built-up area of approximately 4,200m2.

The building consisted of classrooms, laboratories, teachers' offices, amphitheaters, and underground archive space.

The halls and amphitheaters are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, which can meet the needs of teaching and host scientific meetings. They also have a wireless and wired network.

It constitutes a jewel of the University of Thessaly being a modern building adapted to the requirements of current educational standards.

Moreover, the surrounding area has been designed to meet the needs of parking and green area.


image of the buildings
image from the back side of central building

In addition, it is equipped with 18 computers in a computer room, meeting the standards of IT educational courses.

The building was constructed following the special provisions of the building regulations for the service of People with Disabilities in public buildings, with ramps, both outside and inside the building, unique places in the amphitheaters, special toilets, and two elevators. All buildings are fully accessible to people with disabilities.

pedestrian road with ramp
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In the Nursing Department of the University of Thessaly, there are (6) six Educational and Research Laboratories.


1. Laboratory of Respiratory System Disorders (Government Gazette 3892 / Β’ / 14-09-2020, Director: Professor Ms. Foteini Malli).

This Laboratory serves the educational, consulting and research needs in the broader field of respiratory diseases and Pulmonology. The Laboratory operates the individual special units:

  • Respiratory-Oxygen Therapy-Non-invasive mechanical ventilation functional control unit.

  • Pulmonary Embolization Unit.


2. Community Nursing Laboratory (Government Gazette 1158 / Β '/ 26-03-2021, Director: Professor Ms. Ioanna V. Papathanassiou).

This Laboratory serves the educational and research needs of the Department of Nursing in the field of Community Nursing. The Laboratory consists of the special units:

  • Home Nursing Care Unit

  • School Nursing Unit

  • Social Psychiatric Nursing Unit

  • Health Education and Promotion Unit

3. Laboratory of Training & Research in Trauma Care & Patient Safety (Government Gazette 1158 / Β '/ 26-03-2021 and Government Gazette 1523 / Β' / 15-04-2021, Director: Professor Ms. Maria Malliarou).

The Laboratory serves the educational and research needs in terms of trauma care and patient safety.

 Trauma Care Lab - Trauma Care lab (

4. Laboratory of Public Health - Adult Immunization (Government Gazette 4024 / Β '/ 21-09-2020, Director: Associate Professor Mr. Dimitrios Papagiannis).

The Laboratory serves the educational and research needs in terms of Public Health, Primary Prevention, and Immunization of the community of special groups of adults and professional groups of workers, as implemented by the National Vaccination Program (adults, diabetics, patients with diabetes, lung diseases, roma, students of health professions, workers in health structures, vaccines of travel medicine).

5. Laboratory of Bioethics and Ethics (Government Gazette 2207/Β'/06-05-2022, Director: Professor Anna Mavroforou).
The Laboratory serves the educational and research needs in the field of Ethics, Professional Legislation, and Bioethics, including the training of the nurses and other health professionals, the collaboration and exchange of scientific knowledge, the organization of seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, exhibitions as well as the writing of publications and editions to inform personnel interested in Ethics, Professional Legislation, and Bioethics.

6. Laboratory of Human Pathological Physiology (Government Gazette 2321/B'/12-05-2022, Director: Assistant Professor Ourania Kotsiou).
The Laboratory serves the educational and research needs in the field of Human Physiology - Pathophysiology. The following individual special units operate in the laboratory:
Clinical Physiology Unit
Unit of Experimental Physiology and Clinical Applications

panoramic view of the laboratory
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