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The Secretariat is responsible for:

  • informing the members of the collegial bodies about the current legislation on any administrative issue that arises,

  • the observance and ratification of the Meeting hours of the Department and

  • the maintenance of the student register and the issuance of any kind of certificate concerning the students.



The Secretariat of the Department serves the students every Tuesday and Thursday 

11: 00-13: 00 in accordance with health protection protocols.

Telephone service from Monday to Thursday 11: 30-13: 00


Postal address

Department of Nursing

University of Thessaly

Gaiopolis Campus

Larissa-Trikala Ring-Road

415 00, Larissa, Greece




Fotios Karagogos



Electronic Secretariat


Grading services are offered for the teachers via the electronic secretariat, while the possibility of unimpeded access for the students, both in terms of their registration statement, course statements, and their information about their grade is permanent.

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