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Structure of Undergraduate Studies

Strucure of studies

The Undergraduate Program of the Department of Nursing is governed by the provisions of L1268 / 1982 and was formulated in accordance with the decision G.5 / 89656 / Β3 / 13.8.2007 of the Minister of National Education and Religions (B 1466).

The program is divided into 8 semesters (4 winter and 4 spring) and includes 39 compulsory and 20 optional compulsory courses.

The total credits of the undergraduate educational program CU (CREDIT UNITS) - ECTS are 240 and have been calculated based on the workload of the courses, since 1 ECTS corresponds to 25-30 hours of workload.  The practical exercises (workshops, tutorials, clinical practice) constitute about 50% of the duration of the study program and correspond to 108 ECTS.

The minimum duration of studies leading to a degree is 4 academic years.  

Students' studies are accompanied by the Nursing Skills book, which includes a list of nursing skills that the student must perform successfully during their studies.​

College Lecture
Mandatory courses


The courses corresponding to 328 CU-ECTS are characterized as compulsory, the attendance and successful examination of which is necessary for all students and a prerequisite for obtaining the degree.

Each compulsory course is taught for a semester lasting at least 13 weeks.

The maximum number of compulsory courses that a student can attend and in which can be examined is defined as n + 3, where n is the number of compulsory courses provided in the curriculum in each semester.




The Department of Nursing of the University of Thessaly offers several courses in various scientific fields, defined as electives. From all the selected courses, the student can freely choose the ones that correspond to his personal interests, helping him to deepen in specific areas of knowledge in a number defined in the study program (optional compulsory courses).
In order to obtain a degree from the Department of Nursing, the student must successfully attend 6 optional compulsory courses that correspond to a hard work of twelve (12) PM-ECTS.
In case the student successfully attends and completes more than 6 elective compulsory courses during his / her studies, he / she can choose the ones he / she wishes to calculate for the final degree.

Optional compulsory courses
Learning process

The undergraduate study program of the Department of Nursing is oriented towards a student-centered learning, teaching and evaluation system, strengthens the motivation of  students, their self -assessment and their active participation in the learning process to ensure:

a) respect for the diversity of students by taking care of their diverse needs and adopting flexible learning directions;
b) the study and usage of different delivery methods,
c) the usage of a variety of pedagogical methods in a flexible way;
d) the regular evaluation of the ways of delivery and application of pedagogical methods, allowing regulatory  improvement interventions in their formulation and application;
e) the regular evaluation of the quality and the effectiveness of the teaching work, as documented in particular by its evaluation by the students;
f) the enhancement the student's sense of autonomy while ensuring adequate guidance from his / her teachers;
(g) the promotion of mutual respect in their relationship; and
h) the implementation of procedures for the management of student complaints and requests.

In order to serve the above purposes, it is ensured that there is:
(a) complete information of all parties involved on the details of the existing examination system and methods;
b) advanced publication of evaluation criteria and methods;
c) information providence and advice to students about the learning process, recognizing that their evaluation reflects the degree of achievement of the expected learning outcomes;
d) an objective evaluation of students in a coherent, fair, and following the established procedures; and
e) satisfaction of student objections according to a relevant formal procedure.

The Department has adopted and implements the rule of the Adviser Professor. This institution facilitates undergraduate students to complete their studies in the most rational and efficient way.

Κανονισμός σπουδών

Study guide

ΕΞΏΦΥΛΛΟ 2023-2024_page-0001.jpg

Course Outlines

Ανώτατη διάρκεια

Maximum period of studies

According to paragraph 1 of article 76 and paragraph 3 of article 454

of Law 4957/2022 (Government Gazette 141/A/21.07.2022),

a maximum duration of study is now applied.

Ανώτατη διάρκεια φοίτησης Προγράμματος Εξομοίωσης

Ανώτατη εξομοίωσης
Κανόνες δήλωσης

Course declaration rules

According to the internal regulations of the Nursing Department

(article 3 – paragraphs 4 and 5)

specific rules apply to the declaration of courses in the online Secretariat.



Academic Diary

I. WINTER SEMESTER Teaching Duration (14 weeks):
  • Start of winter semester courses: Monday 4-10-2021.

  • Closing of winter semester courses: Friday 21-01-2022.


Oaths : First ten days of November 2021

Examination Period (3 weeks):

From Monday 31-01-2022 until Friday 18-02-2022.

Holidays :

Thursday 28-10-2021 (National Anniversary)

Wednesday 17-11-2021 (Anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising)

Thursday 06-01-2022 (Feast of the Epiphany)

Sunday 30-01-2022 (Feast of the Three Hierarchs)

Christmas and New Year Holidays:

From Thursday 23-12-2021 until Thursday 06-01-2022


II. SPRING SEMESTER Duration of Teaching  (13 weeks):
  • Start of spring semester courses: Monday 21-02-2022.

  • Closing of spring semester courses: Friday 3-06-2022.

Oaths : Last ten days of March 2022 and second fortnight of July 2022

Examination Period (3 weeks) :

From Tuesday 14-06-2022 until Friday 1-07-2022.

Holidays :

Monday 7-03-2022 (Net Monday)

Thursday 25-03-2022 (National Anniversary)

Sunday 01-05-2022 (May Day)

Monday 13-06-2022 (Feast of the Holy Spirit)

Easter holidays:

From Holy Monday 18-04-2022 until Friday 29-04-2022



From Monday 29-08-2022 until Friday 16-09-2022 (Duration of exams: 3 weeks)

Local holidays :

Sunday 15-05-2022: Feast of Saint Achilles, Patron Saint of Larissa

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