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Quality policy of the Department of Nursing

In collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit of the University of Thessaly, the Department of Nursing has harmonized the Quality Policy (QP) of its Undergraduate Program (UPS) with that of the institution. The QP of the Department of Nursing has been formed since the first year of its operation, and since then, it has been improved and fed with the participation of all Members of the Department (teaching staff, students, administrative staff). The QP of the Department of Nursing is formulated and implemented based on:

(a) general support for the academic credentials and scientific orientation of the UPS;

(b) the promotion of the purpose of the UPS;

(c) the implementation of the following strategic objectives;

(d) the definition of the means and the means of achieving them, following the appropriate quality procedures;

(e) the objective of continuous assurance and feedback on optimal quality policy;

(f) the high level of quality of the offered educational and produced scientific, research and administrative work of the Department of Nursing according to:

· international academic standards

· the good practices of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the implementation of the European Directive 36/2005 and as it was revised with 55/2013 concerning the recognition of the professional qualifications of the graduates of Nursing,

· the promotion and utilization of nursing theories, methods, procedures and techniques for promoting quality in health,

· the modern way of practicing nursing science,

· the Code of Ethics and Conduct in the field of health,

· the principles of the National Higher Education Authority, responsible for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and

· the current legislation.

The Assembly is responsible for shaping the political quality of the Department, which decides according to the documented suggestions of the competent committees (Internal Evaluation Team, Committee of Studies, etc.).

Efficiency of the quality provided

The Department of Nursing consider appropriate for the most effective monitoring of the quality of the studies to establish additional committees, which facilitate and contribute to the flow of the Curriculum Course.


Such Committees are:

  1. Semester and Exam Schedule Committee

  2. Course Recognition Committee

  3. ERASMUS Committee

  4. Library Committee

  5. Access Network Committee

Functioning of the Internal Evaluation Team 

Operation of the Internal Evaluation Team of the Department of Nursing, which is responsible for:

  • the process of completing the (electronic / printed) evaluation questionnaires of the teaching project and the courses by the students,

  • the preparation of the annual internal evaluation report,

  • the drafting of the Academic Certification Proposal of the UPS of the Department and its annexes periodically, and

  • the monitoring of the evaluation indices of the Department at national and international level.

The Internal Evaluation Team presents to the Assembly of the Department the results of the above actions and proposes to improve the educational services provided to the students of the Department.

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