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Awarding a degree

A student who has completed his / her studies and receives the degree of the Department of Nursing, when he / she has fulfilled the following conditions:

a. His/her studies have passed the required minimum study time of 8 semesters,

b. Has passed the examinations of all compulsory courses of the study program and

c. He/she has succeeded in the examinations of the foreseen number of elective compulsory courses and has gathered the total number of PM-ECTS which are necessary for obtaining the degree as defined in the study program.


For the calculation of the degree of the Nursing degree, the following are considered:

a. The grades of all courses, compulsory and optional, which are required to obtain the degree.

b. The weighting factor of each course is defined by the CU-ECTS that the course has.

c. To calculate the grade of the degree, the grade of each course is multiplied by the corresponding number of CU-ECTS of the course and the total sum of the individual products is divided by the total number of ECTS credits required to obtain the degree, as shown in the equation:

Degree grade = (Course grade 1 x ECTS course 1 + Course grade 2 x ECTS course 2 +… + Work grade x ECTS work) / Total number of ECTS.

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