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Admission of new students

Based on the Regulation of Studies of the Department of Nursing that has been approved by the Senate of the University of Thessaly 242 / 27.11.2020, the admission of new students takes place:

(a) with the current system of entrance examinations of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religions, for Lyceum graduates,

(b) with qualifying examinations for graduates, graduates of other Departments.

(c) by transferring their position from the Nursing Department to which there is a correspondence, through the transfer process.

To note based on articles 6 and 12 of Law 4589 (Government Gazette 13 / 29-01-2021 / t. AD) the undergraduate students of the Nursing Departments of the former TEI of Thessaly and the former TEI Central Greece and the students of the Department of Medical Laboratories of the former TEI of Thessaly who are successfully examined in the required and selected courses of the first cycle of studies of the TEI Department instead of swearing in and receiving a TEI degree, they have the opportunity to attend for an additional year, eleven (11) courses from the Undergraduate Program of the Department of Nursing (Simulation Program), in which they can apply to join and receive a university degree.

Registration documents

For the registration of the students who are admitted with the system of the Panhellenic Examinations, after the announcement of the selection results and in an exclusive deadline which is announced by the Ministry of Education and Religions (M.E.R), the successful candidates are obliged through electronic application of M.E.R. apply electronically for their Success Department or School.  They then submit to the Secretariat of the Department supporting documents confirming their identity by mail or in person at the Secretariat of the Department.

For the registration of students admitted through the Classification system  Exams, the  Holders of University degrees, former TEI or equivalent, submit to the Secretariat of the Department, from 1 to 15 November of each academic year (Government Gazette 3185 / 16-12-2013 vol. B '), by post  or in person application for the qualifying exams. Along with the application, the following must be submitted:

        (a) clear photocopy of degree or certificate of completion

        (b) in the case of foreign graduates, a certificate of D.O.A.T.A.P. is also submitted.

The qualifying examinations are held during the period 1 to 20 December of each year.

For the enrolment of students in the Simulation Program of the Department according to articles 6 and 12 of Law 4589/2019 it is required:

(a) successful completion of their first cycle of study in the Nursing and Medical Laboratories Curricula of the former TEI of Thessaly and Central Greece,

(b) not to have exceeded the 12th semester of study at the beginning of the Simulation Program of the Winter or Spring Semester of each acad. year and

(c) submission of an application, accompanied by the certificate of completion of their first cycle of study in the Curricula of the former TEI, within 60 days from the date of submission of their last obligation in them and up to two weeks from the beginning of the Winter or Spring Semester for their inclusion in the respective Winter or Spring Semester of each academic year, until 2023-2024.

Reception and support of new students

New students are welcomed by the President and the teaching, academic and administrative staff of the Department at a special student reception event. During the event the new students are informed about the Curriculum, the Postgraduate programs of the Department of Nursing, the Professional Prospects in the field of Nursing, the Information and Communication Technologies services and the tools of distance teaching and their skills of effective learning thesis code of conduct of the University of Thessaly and student support services.

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