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Internship Office


The Internship Office of the University of Thessaly ( is a channel of constant communication between the University of Thessaly and companies, public and private sector bodies, civil society organizations and various organizations in order to facilitate the integration of students in the working environment and the productive system of the country and to contribute to the professional utilization of the knowledge acquired at the University. The Office aims to develop incentives, both for the increase of participating students, as well as for attracting more internship hosts.

The undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Nursing does not provide the possibility of internship, but instead offers that of clinical experience to the students by conducting clinical practice via courses: Pathological Nursing I & II, Surgical Nursing I & II, First B Emergency Nursing, Microbiology-Infection Nursing, Maternity Nursing - Gynaecology, Community Nursing, Surgery Nursing-Endoscopy, Nursing Child Care, Cardio-Respiratory Patient Care, and Nursing Anaesthesia. These clinical courses aim at the development of scientific knowledge in the specialties of Nursing Science, professional skills and clinical skills and, finally, the connection of students with the labour market.

Students of the Department of Nursing within the courses Clinical Nursing I & II (are held 16 hours / week) become familiar with the clinical environment, in order to better integrate into the labour after the end of their studies. Upon completion of the Clinical Nursing courses I & II, students will develop skills related to the care of the individual and the family, with prevention, will understand the roles and responsibilities of the daily clinical nursing practice, and will connect the theoretical knowledge with the clinical action.

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