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Contact Phone : 2410684610

e-mail :

Days and hours of cooperation : Monday 17.00-18.00

 Address : Gaiopolis, Larissa, 41500

Ourania Kotsiou

Associate Professor, Human Pathophysiology

Ourania S. Kotsiou is an Assistant Professor in Human Pathophysiology in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Thessaly. With a background comprising many years of teaching, academic advising, and research, Ourania S. Kotsiou has gained considerable project management experience, communication skills, and expertise in identifying gaps in scientific knowledge and clinical research priorities. Ourania S. Kotsiou was licensed as a respiratory physician in 2017. Since then, she has been working as a research associate in addition to serving as principal, co-chief, or sub-investigator in several research programs and clinical trials in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Thessaly, in Greece. Ourania S. Kotsiou holds a Ph.D. in Pleural Pathophysiology from the University of Thessaly (thesis defense was on 6th February 2018). 

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