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Support structure for students with disabilities and / or special educational needs



The aim of the Access service of the University of Thessaly (University of Thessaly) is to record the needs of students with disabilities and special educational needs (FME) and their teachers / beings, as well as their information and support. In addition, an important mission of Access is the operational intervention in the premises of the University of Thessaly with the aim of improving their accessibility for FMEs.

FMEs and teachers register on its online platform, to express their needs, to be informed and to receive support.

If the FMAAs want support, fellow students take on the role of volunteers to enhance the access of their fellow students, while for deaf students, the possibility of interpretation in Greek is given. In addition to FMEs, teachers who wish to be informed or supported to enhance the access of FMEs can consult the instructions posted on the websiteαρχική/ .

The Department of Nursing has appointed the Assistant Professor Mr. Dimitrios Papagiannis, and in the secretariat Mr. Fotios Karagogos, as connecting links with ACCESS .

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