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Distance learning platform of the University of Thessaly (e-Learning)


The e-Learning platform of the University of Thessaly, is a new e-Class environment that operates as the integrated e-learning system of the University of Thessaly. The new e-Class includes all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the Departments of the University of Thessaly that operate from the current academic year 2019-2020. Designed to enhance the educational process, it is based on the philosophy of open-source software.

It gives new possibilities to the training, offering a means of interaction and continuous communication between the trainer and the trainee. Supports the electronic organization, storage, and presentation of educational material, regardless of the limiting factors of space and time of classical teaching, creating the conditions for a dynamic learning environment.

The E-Learning platform is designed with the aim of implementing new educational actions. Central roles are those of the trainer and the trainee. In particular, the user - instructor can easily and quickly create easy-to-use and functional electronic lessons, using the educational material available (notes, presentations, texts, images, etc.). At the same time, the trainees acquire an alternative channel of access to the offered knowledge.

It also supports Asynchronous Distance Learning services without restrictions and commitments. It can be accessed using a simple browser without the requirement of specialized technical knowledge.

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